It occurs to me that I have not one, but TWO favorite songs about anal sex. Well then.

The Sodomy Song

Ten Foot Cock and A Few Hundred Virgins



Full customization project for a friend.

this doll is stunning~ 

The sequel to Five Nights at Freddy’s is looking intense

Coworker: Something smells in here. It smells like…chemicals.
Me: Chemical clean or chemical bad?
Coworker: Chemical burning.
Coworker: What?
Me: That might be my feet…
Coworker: *bursts into laughter*

Most Productive Channel on YouTube!

Okay, a little context for those who haven’t been keeping up with me on twitter.

My last computer was starting to shit the bed and couldn’t record gameplay anymore, so I got a new one.

My editing software doesn’t work on it…SO I CAN’T UPLOAD LET’S PLAYS! 

This mess has been going on for a month, so this video is just me kind of poking fun at how inactive my channel has been because of it. With my next paycheck I’ll be getting new software so HOPEFULLY I can finally start putting out real content again!

P.S. I’m very tempted to make this the new channel trailer. XD

Moar update!

Good News! I recorded a video and it looks great!
Bad news! My editing software decided not to work!

I will be buying new software. Thank you all for being patient; it’s been one nightmare after another! x(

So if my new comp comes in this week, next weeks videos will be
Might & Magic VII
and a new tag video!

Not gonna lie, I will always be jealous of Danny because he is EXACTLY what I wanted to look like when I grew up. 

Hey, with this new laptop, I may be able to do all those popular steam games that the big LPers love so much. Thoughts/Suggestions? :)

"Son of a Shepard too fast for Ed-boy,yes?"

"Son of a Shepard too fast for Ed-boy,yes?"