these daddy blogs be thirsty for anything, you could post broccoli and someone will write a long ass paragraph like “this tight little piece of vegetable slut is obviously desperate for daddys hard thick cock pumping into all her holes”


New editing software will be in by Wednesday! I’ll record more on Sunday. MAN I’m gonna be busy!

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It occurs to me that I have not one, but TWO favorite songs about anal sex. Well then.

The Sodomy Song

Ten Foot Cock and A Few Hundred Virgins



Full customization project for a friend.

this doll is stunning~ 

The sequel to Five Nights at Freddy’s is looking intense

Coworker: Something smells in here. It smells like…chemicals.
Me: Chemical clean or chemical bad?
Coworker: Chemical burning.
Coworker: What?
Me: That might be my feet…
Coworker: *bursts into laughter*

Most Productive Channel on YouTube!

Okay, a little context for those who haven’t been keeping up with me on twitter.

My last computer was starting to shit the bed and couldn’t record gameplay anymore, so I got a new one.

My editing software doesn’t work on it…SO I CAN’T UPLOAD LET’S PLAYS! 

This mess has been going on for a month, so this video is just me kind of poking fun at how inactive my channel has been because of it. With my next paycheck I’ll be getting new software so HOPEFULLY I can finally start putting out real content again!

P.S. I’m very tempted to make this the new channel trailer. XD

Moar update!

Good News! I recorded a video and it looks great!
Bad news! My editing software decided not to work!

I will be buying new software. Thank you all for being patient; it’s been one nightmare after another! x(

So if my new comp comes in this week, next weeks videos will be
Might & Magic VII
and a new tag video!

Not gonna lie, I will always be jealous of Danny because he is EXACTLY what I wanted to look like when I grew up.